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Wash day

I’ve not been sewing much lately, consequence of 4 wks without a washing machine. I’m so glad it was repaired at no cost under warranty because it needed 2 major parts. I dared not complain. Today’s picture could have been so much worse, except for several fantastic friends who helped and in particular one very special lady who did ALL my washing one wk. Thank you so very very much.

Now, I’ve work to do and that’s only half of it…

Enjoy your week, whatever it brings.



Frog Quilt


I haven’t been around much lately because I’ve been getting carried away with my sewing. Over the years I’ve made a lot of clothes which never turn out but I will not be defeated! So 2 weeks ago I had another go. I made myself a new blouse and it turned out great. Will show you a photo soon…

A few weeks ago we enjoyed a relaxing weekend away in a cute little seaside town called Cardwell. It is halfway between Townsville and Cairns North Queensland, Australia. Cardwell was one of the towns hit by the category 5 cyclone Yasi in 2011. One year on it’s looking good, the surrounding forests and vegetation has a bit of growing to do yet but much better that a year ago. On the way home from Cardwell we took a detour to visit Wallaman Falls. It was really lovely and well worth the drive. We hope to go camping there sometime soon and the swimming was amazing.

3 weeks ago I found a pile of green squares in an unused cupboard. They were for an appliqué quilt I started 2 years ago. It’s kept me busy in recent weeks and I’m glad to be seeing some results for my effort.


I’m adding a black border at the moment. I’ve sewed and unpicked the top and bottom black strips four times, yes that’s ‘4’ times. Am I the only one??? Please tell me I’m not.


Hope you have a great week. Talk soon,