Wash day

I’ve not been sewing much lately, consequence of 4 wks without a washing machine. I’m so glad it was repaired at no cost under warranty because it needed 2 major parts. I dared not complain. Today’s picture could have been so much worse, except for several fantastic friends who helped and in particular one very special lady who did ALL my washing one wk. Thank you so very very much.

Now, I’ve work to do and that’s only half of it…

Enjoy your week, whatever it brings.



One thought on “Wash day

  1. Glad you were able to get your washer fixed and it was covered under a warranty. I am still trying to recover from the past two weeks. Called the hospital to check on my husbands mother last night. She is going to dialysis everyday and they have decided to keep her in the ICU unit. Have a great week! Sharon

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