Finished Object Quilt

hi all,

Yep you read right, I have a FO. yep, yep yep. I’m just a little happy…

It went together without a hitch, except for the 8 hrs I spent wasted unpicking a fancy stitch I tried which looked tacky when finished.  I will never use that stitch again, ever.

3 Owls

Quilt for my grand daughter

Now I’ve got to face that frog quilt but I just couldn’t do it – yet, so I’m sewing up a new blouse.

Hope you’re having a great weekend.


3 thoughts on “Finished Object Quilt

    • Wow, this Internet is so fast. Here I am in northern Australia at 1am and you read my post, visit my blog and comment and I know within in minutes of my 1st comment on your blog. What a wonderful world we live in. Thank you for dropping by. Blessings

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