Money Monday – Soap

Money Monday, saving money one Monday at time…

Do you sometimes think the kids must eat the bath soap? Lately our soaps have been going from this to this, at lightning speed; Way too fast!

It got me thinking…

What’s going on here, once our soaps would last for ages and ages now we’re lucky if one stays with us for 2 weeks???

A couple of days later, I remembered a lesson learned, a life time ago from a lovely lady, one of those special other Mother’s we all have. I remember her often, she was very dear…And I remember many lessons learned.

Get on topic girl; I remembered that lovely lady had soap everywhere: drawers, wardrobes, kitchen and linen cupboards, broom cupboard, under mattresses and of course the bathroom and laundry. One day it got the better of me and I just had to ask. The answer was so good I should never have forgotten! Purchase soap 2-3 yrs. ahead so it has plenty of time to harden then it will last longer. And it really did! So then, soap was something I never ran out of, until lately, ‘GFC’ hit our home too. Food prices going up and up along with everything else.

This week I got back on track, I bought a truckload of soap, well a trolley-load, okay, okay several boxes; To give my stash a boost I filled both racks in the oven with new soap, turned the oven onto the lowest setting and left them sitting there for a good while, (like 2 hrs). I turned the oven off and left them there some more. Well ’til the next day actually, because I forgot them!

(Please be careful with the oven, & be sure to check the oven is off when finished).

So there you have it, go get a soap stash.

Clever Blonde, Donna G

It worked, the soap lasted a month and a couple of days, twice as long as previously. Time to add to my stash.

7 months on: Now our soaps are lasting closer to 2 months. This is an awesome simple money saving tip.


2 thoughts on “Money Monday – Soap

  1. Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog. No, I’ve never made soap. Our church ladies group recently made soap but I was unable to join in due to poor health. They turned out really lovely, wish I could have joined in. I do cook down my scraps to make more though.

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