Dressed for Sewin

Here’s me dressed for sewing. Snipper scissors on rope idea complements of Karen over at didyoumakethat blog! Who got it from someone else who got it from someone else who got it from someone else. Us sewing folk love to share. Thank you everyone.


Have fun Sewin


6 thoughts on “Dressed for Sewin

    • It possibly not your time yet, it will come. I’ve only 1 son at home now and grand kids to sew for. I’ve never been able to sew clothes for myself because commercial patterns don’t fit me but with being housebound I’ve decided I’m going to learn. I’ve had lots of mistakes but I am getting better. Blessings D

  1. I get so tangled up when I put a tape measure around my neck. I can never find the jolly thing! (I’m enamoured of the idea but it just does not work for me.) You look very efficient, though, and there’s no doubt you’ll never lose your snippers. 😉

    • I do still lose the scissors. When I take them off to try on a blouse in process then I wander around the house trying to find where I left them. Thank you for visiting, I subscribed to your blog a few weeks ago.

  2. I too have scissors on a ribbon and tape round my neck, also pin cushion on elastic round my wrist. Best idea I have heard is basically don’t get dressed for sewing. To save time clambering in and out of clothes for garment fitting, sew in your underwear – with perhaps a robe in case the doorbell rings.

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