It’s Friday…

Hi there friends,

Another week ends. Hope you have a little time to relax over the weekend. We have planned a trip to the chemist and the fabric store. Then home to housework and finally some relaxation…

Our Boy had a Super Hero theme night at youth tonight. So this is what I did this wk. I’ve never sewn anything successfully with stretch before thankfully it was easy.

I used a basic elastic pants pattern but I didn’t take any notice of the pattern sizing. I measured him, added 3 cms for ease of movement then measured the paper pattern and chose the size closest to his size. I sewed them up in the longest stitch length as a basting stitch. He put them on inside out and I pinned where I needed to take them in.

For the top I laid a t-shirt that fitted him on the fabric and cut around it, though I cut the sleeve separately. It fitted perfectly no adjustments were necessary.

The boy made the patterns for the extra yellow and red breast-plate. I’m not that good. I thought I couldn’t do it. The boy designed and I just sewed. He bought the mask on line and also proper gloves arrived in the mail late this afternoon. I haven’t seen them yet.

He was very thankful. Before he left he said “Mum, it’s really good, especially as you can’t sew that good”.

He’s such an honest boy!

Hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend. Enjoy the last of the Olympics until 2016

Just one more, cause I love him so


5 thoughts on “It’s Friday…

      • Sew-in is where the ladies get together in our quilting guild and work on projects. Everyone brings something different and we talk and sew.
        We have the sew-in once a month. However, our guild has different groups that you can belong to. The groups meet at different peoples homes. Maybe you could form some kind of group. They are really fun and also a way of meeting people and learning from alot of different people.
        What is your next project your going to work on? Good luck and have a nice weekend.

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