Best day ever?

Hello friends, I’m feeling like a child wanting to tell everyone it’s my birthday. I want to tell the whole world how great the blogging world is. I made another NL6515 and it is exactly perfect. This wonderful blogging community changed my life by helping me to overcome something I’ve struggled with for 25 yrs: How to sew clothes that actually fit me. I’ve even inspired a friend who has never made clothes but quilts. No photos ATM though, I’m sitting in my nightie in bed but on the inside I’m jumping up and down squealing with delight. I’m hoping for a sunny day tomorrow to take photos and will then write a post. Unfortunately not everyone who’s blogs and comments I read will in turn read my posts but to those that do thank you sincerely for the contribution you make to our community and myself personally.

Now back to some quilting, I’m working on half square triangles.


6 thoughts on “Best day ever?

    • Hi Sharon, it was a lot of reading, trying and trying and trying. I wrote about it in one of my recent posts called “My Sewing Attempt with NL6515”. After I did everything in that post. I needed a huge break as it was a lot of work. I was tired & sad that it took so long to learn. But happy now because it is getting better & faster. While having my break I read as much as I could. I googled ‘adjusting sewing patterns’. Someone suggested a FBA which is a Full Bust Adjustment. Most commercial patterns are made for a B cup so people who are bigger, which is most people need to do an adjustment. I learned about High Bust measurement and last wk read that you can make a blouse from bottom section of armhole in your normal size (= High Bust which is directly under arm) and then from bottom of armhole down cut the size that matches your normal bust measurement. It worked. I will write a post about it soon. You could search the things I’ve mentioned here and there are links in my post about the NL6515 that you can click on and read. has some good reading about sizing. I can’t remember where but there is a link somewhere on their page to more info about getting your size right or measuring. I will email you some links when I get time. My pain is bad tonight and it’s almost sleep time for me. Good night for now.

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