My foray in New Look 6515 (and my version of the FBA)

My ‘learn to sew fashion clothes for myself’ began here using New Look 6515. After that mammoth sewing experience I needed a break.

I didn’t realise how draining it had been until the weeks went by and I could not bring myself to have another go. Almost 5 wks on I realised I would need to force myself into it if I was to ever sew again. I knew in my head the rewards would be great but my heart struggled.  So it was time to apply some pressure. I had read comments by Rachel & LinB on Karen’s post on didyoumakethat about an ill-fitting tank top. It seemed while I was doing all that trial and error (read lots of errors but not wasted) I had done the right thing without realising it.  I wrote:

“LinB this comment about the FBA caught my attention because it seems I recently did this without realising what I was doing. I graded up only the front of a pattern because that’s where I thought the problem was. I’m such a novice I didn’t even think about the back. Doh. The hem length didn’t match though & I had no idea why! On my blog Liz commented about a FBA so I’ve since been reading about it. Thank you for adding to my knowledge as well, seems I was on the right track, albeit blindly”.

I had not fully understood what Liz had written on my blog post but she had said basically the same as Rachel and LinB, (intelligent actions of a blonde)!

So off I went with fear and trembling and obstinate stubbornness to make my version NUMBER 5 of NL6515. Following the above suggestions I traced a size 14 back bodice with extra length and for the front a size 14 from the shoulders to near the bottom of the armhole and below the arm hole a size 18. I have since learned to divide the armhole into threes and do top 2/3 in the smaller size. The sizing I determined by comparing my measurements to the pattern envelope. I pinned my traced pattern pieces together and did a basic fitting, which seemed okay. Next I made a toile using large basting stitches, no seam finishing and only up to the first fitting. It felt great, excitement was taking the place of stubbornness. I tossed the toile in the bin and cut into my fashion fabric. (The toile was a hot pink, cheap synthetic lace)

floral fabric for summer blouse

Blue is not usually my colour but the woman at the shop said the colours suited me and at $3 metre, it was  a good buy. A necessary prerequisite at the moment.

There’s not much more to write. It went together perfectly and fits beautifully. I underestimated how fantastic a handmade item could fit. And so I present my Number 5 New Look 6515 which I will wear to death with much pride.

My Summer New Look 6515

Thank you to everyone who helped me. I shake my head and marvel at all the years I tried on my own and how the internet and such wonderful ladies from all over the world have helped me conquer the mountain called ‘Clothes That Fit’!

wishing you a fun weekend…

Here’s a good start: Get on over and read Andrea’s post on foursquarewalls  it’ll have you laughing all day.


17 thoughts on “My foray in New Look 6515 (and my version of the FBA)

    • Thank you Karen for visit & comment. I couldn’t have done it without your help. I forgot to write I’m going to try a size 12 up and size 18 down next time…it’s just a little floppy across the upper chest and shoulders. I’m wondering if what I’m now seeing in mine is what you called your narrow shoulders because it seems just a little too wide across from shoulder to shoulder.

    • Thank you Felicity, another reason i’ve been able to do it this time is all the encouragement and learning that comes through blogging. Most other people in my life wouldn’t comprehend what I’ve even through they just see the one blouse…

  1. My mum, who was sewing for both me and her in the late 60s, early 70s has wondered how good her sewing could have been if she’d had the access to the help that there is today at the click of a mouse. The whole blogosphere, patternreview, othersewingsites have been such an amazing resource to me since I started sewing about six or seven years ago.

    Your blouse is so pretty and hope you do wear it to death. That is also one of the best things about sewing for yourself – you don’t have to save anything for “best” – you can wear it until it dies and then sew another one!

    • Lol thank you for line of thought. I washed and dried it again yesterday morning with new abandon thinking it doesn’t matter if I wear it twice a week, I’ll just make another! I am getting excited about trying a different pattern now.

  2. A very pretty blouse that fits so well!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. It’s great to find fellow Aussie bloggers. Looking forward to seeing more of your creativity.

  3. This is a great fit – well done on your perseverence. As you get to know your body better with various attempts at making things, you will soon just know what adjustment each pattern is likely to require.

    • Hi Liz, thank you. I do hope I don’t have to go through ALL that each time. The next pattern I have chosen looks like it will be easier, quite a simple style. But I want another NL6515 for summer… Thanks for dropping in, it was lovely to have you visit.

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