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I’m rebloging Karen’s post from I found it first thing this morning. Yesterday I had the best day with my Dad. I did talk about the qualities he gave me and I let him know I appreciated what he has given me. Then Last night while sleeping he passed away. I can’t write or talk much ATM. It’s still becoming real but Karen’s message is so good I wanted to share it here. Do thank those special people for all the little bits and pieces that make you you.

Did You Make That?

Here I am with my mother, outside a rather wonderful Derbyshire pub, The Devonshire Arms at Pilsley. Great for lunch – just get there early!

In recent years, my mother has discovered the delights of the Women’s Institute. She told me that with the WI she’d made a teapot cosy. She suggested it was a tad, ahem, exuberant. But nothing prepared me for the joyful woollie eccentricity that awaited me!

I mean, there are tea pot cosies – and there are tea pot cosies! I love all the detail that’s gone into this. (It reminds me of the Knitted Olympics.)

The judges at our local fair were more circumspect…

The overall effect is less than the sum of its parts…

How very dare you! I think this is why I feel slightly uncomfortable around creative arts being turned into a competition. Is there any right or wrong? Not…

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