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Butterick 4335

Greetings friends,

Hope you are well. In sunny North Queensland we are having a lovely bright and warm day – what I think of as happy weather. It makes me feel alive and energetic. It’s a nice warm, due to plenty of shady green trees and shrubs. And I can hear the native birds in my garden calling out that they feel the same. Our garden is no botanical garden, some of it even looks dry half dead but the birds do love the native garden I am growing just for them. I have a rain forest tree that also brings butterflies especially the famous Ulysses.

So… this is what I’ve been working on, soooo slowly it was almost renamed UFO B4335. I cut it out 4 weeks ago. My very first real dress, is lays unfinished on my ironing board but is very close to becoming a Finished Object. I want to tell the world I am excited. I had visions of myself running up and down the street saying look, look, look what I made! I’m sure I won’t be able to wait for someone to ask did you make that. I bought this tiny flowery print at a garage sale for a whole $2. It’s not my usual favourite colours and was only intended as muslin but I’m pleasantly surprised to see it’s looking good enough to wear, just at home? Maybe, just maybe I’ll be able wear it to the shops late at night.

I chose this pattern as my first dress because it looked easy with only bust darts. It has been in my Dream Bin for many years. I wasn’t going to have the flounce at the bottom. So, I am making view D without the flounce.


Easy make dress


check in

Hi friends,

I’m just checking in to let everyone know I’m still around. My dad’s passing has been much more stressful than I imagined. When I have felt up to it, I’ve done a little sewing, I made a muslin for a dress which was a mixture of 2 patterns. The good old NL5615 – well it’s the only pattern I’ve made that fits me so far. I know, I know I must move on. I’m trying, really I am.

So, I hated my first dress ‘design’, can I call it a design?  It now sits buried in the bottom of my stash cupboard. I might show you all when I get time to do some photos.

In other news I bought a Circulation Booster and it has fixed the foot pain. I can now do everything I want with no pain and no more health probs. I’m thankful my feet pain was so easily fixed. This means I’ve done more housework and less sewing! I’m off now to do some ironing and then hopefully start sewing the dress I have cut out almost 2 weeks ago.

Hope you all having a fun weekend,