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Doing what I can…

Life is pretty very difficult for me at the moment. Through the long days and nights I’ve been blessed to see The Lord looking after me with lots of little miracles. Next year I will be looking for a job and I am fully confident that when I’m ready I will find one without a great deal of stress or effort.

This is one of the first miracles I received from a new blogging friend over at Pillows A La Mode K made it and wrote about it here. I commented that it was just what I had needed to read that day. At the time I had no idea that much more difficulties were about to visit my life. Anyways, the next morning I received an email from K saying she’d like to give it to me. I cried right there, while reading the email for I knew God had used her to get this message to me. By the time it arrived, I needed it even more and- He knew.

It very thankfully sits on my bed where I see it and read it several times a day. It has been extremely encouraging.

Thank you so very much Katherine.
(Colossians 1:3 ESV)