Hi, checking in…

Hi to my faithful friends who I know have been thinking and praying for me. Life has been pretty difficult but spring is coming. I can see the sunshine. I will be back real soon.

I have started sewing again in recent weeks just a few household items but a good starting point. Photos and posts coming soon. I’m on track for my 12 items for the year.

Here’s my recently widowed Mum with the plastic bag holder I made for her.



3 thoughts on “Hi, checking in…

  1. We all have missed your posts. Glad to see that you are sewing again. And I like the bag you made. I’m currently working on a quilt for a queen/king bed. The pattern is called “Hop scotch”. Here’s one for you, I was sewing all the blocks together and had a total of seven rows completed and looked down at the pattern and had sewn the wrong pattern for the queen/king bed. I was looking at the lap quilt!!! So needless to say, I had to rip all the seams out and start over. Hopefully, now I am back on track.

  2. Hope all will be well soon. My spring planning of things to sew is going great guns. My actual doing, less so. I can’t seem to keep a horizontal space cleared around here, lol. Hopefully soon…..

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