Coffee, Books, Paint and whole lot more.

It’s been fast, it’s been busy, it’s been stressful, it’s been tiring, it’s been happy, it’s been sad and it’s been freedom in a way I’d long forgotten.  It’s. Been. Good. I have had times that were difficult but more and more, times when I’ve been absolutely loving life. I passed the 1 yr anniversary of separation with peace and excitement to be moving on, no sad. It’s just a date. A number. But mentally it becomes a period (.) when a new future begins. I’m glad. Seems I say that a dozen times a week. It is good to be glad!

I’ve been doing so much; I have found it hard to find time to blog, especially since I broke my iPad!!! I am still amazed-speechless! In 3 seconds, the blink of an eye while one is standing (or sitting) there watching, same silly person can drop an iPad and then goodbye $500+.  For two days I experienced the range of emotion summarized as grief. I cried, I got angry, I needed to tell someone, in a state of disbelief I kept testing it and then after 2 days I gave myself a good talking to

“Okay it’s done, I can’t change it. It’s time to accept and start saving for a new one.” Oh, how I wish all grief was that easy!!!

Blogging??? – it has taken some time for me to become comfortable with the ‘old-fashioned’ concept of sitting at a desk to be on a computer.  Without the  iPad, I have read an amazing number of books. That makes me glad.

I’ve read a lot and I have sat around a lot. Sitting and lounging in a multitude of places around home, mostly in my gorgeous outdoor garden right outside my door. I sit there for a bit most days with a coffee, sometimes cake or cookies and always something to read.  I do wish you could come for coffee, I shall post a picture.

My reading has almost exclusively been auto-biographies. You know you’ve seen a brilliant movie when you are still thinking about it days later. This year, I’ve read a brilliant book.  I’m still thinking about ‘the one’ I finished well over a month ago even though I’ve since read two more enjoyable biographies. At random moments amongst my days, I find myself thinking of Ingrid Betancourt and the amazing attitude she had. She was held hostage in the Amazon Jungle for 6 years in very harsh and primitive conditions. It was a long read, the biggest work I’ve ever tackled but I’m really glad I did. For me, it has been life changing. I think we all want to believe we have a similar inner strength that cannot be broken. And when a professional tells me I’ve done very well this year, I do believe!

Even silence has an End

I’ve also been sewing, just small items here or there. I’ve enjoyed it very much, no stressing over patterns not fitting right…  I will attempt to brave that frontier again, just not today.

I re-connected with a long-lost hobby, restoring and/or re-purposing furniture. Sometimes it’s hard to know which basket a piece might go in. To me if it’s made from wood then I will give it a makeover.  I’ve worked on a number this year and thankfully, I have finished some. My pride and joy which has already taken 2 full summers is on the verge of completion. I’m a wee bit excited ’bout this one. Soon…

Here is a doll house I renovated for a friend’s daughter. I started out just cleaning it. Then I had some red paint and the roof was in poor shape so I re-painted the roof. Then I touched up the varnish and then I decided I had done so much, I couldn’t leave it with the back wall looking so sad.

before & after dolls house

Eventually it had a complete makeover. What do you think? Better?


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