Well hello there!

I enjoy sewing, crochet and sewing. I’m learning to sew clothes for myself something I’ve not been able to conquer in 22 yrs, even though I sewed for 4 girls, a son and a multitude of home decor items. My body does not fit commercial patterns and I didn’t know what to do. Regional/rural towns = not much support. Now thanks to the internet and blogs of many new friends I am learning.  Most of the time you will find me sewing or in the kitchen cooking & baking and these days on my blog. I also like to crochet while watching TV in the evening, if I’m hand sewing. I like to read good books but don’t do it often because everything stops until I’m finished the book. Domestic travel & holidays is something I enjoy immensely, my hubby and I are looking forward to retirement so we can go on a permanent holiday travelling around Australia. I believe it’s my calling to be a stay at home mum, although I did volunteer in our church office 2 days a week and was heavily involved in Kids Church before I had to slow down.  ‘Always on the go’ sums me up, although a chronic illness has changed things lately and so now I’m developing new goals. Oh & I hate shopping! But love the Lord.


4 thoughts on “About

    • Hi, I am feeling a bit better lately and have been doing lots of sewing. Still working on my frog quilt but it took a back seat this week while I made myself a shirt and turned out great. A first for me, I am rather please. Did some mending for a friend. Tomorrow hope to make another shirt and then back onto my frog quilt. I happy with how it looks but it is a bit dogdy becasue I started before I learnt so much from Vanessa…

  1. Thanks for following my blog. I hope you enjoy it. I also really like to sew and crochet, but I do not have much time to indulge in these hobbies. Currently my sewing machine is broken as well, but I hope to have it up and running soon. I have two projects that I need to finish. One is a braided rug and the other are cushions that I am making for a chair I bought at a yard sale.

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