I’m rebloging Karen’s post from I found it first thing this morning. Yesterday I had the best day with my Dad. I did talk about the qualities he gave me and I let him know I appreciated what he has given me. Then Last night while sleeping he passed away. I can’t write or talk much ATM. It’s still becoming real but Karen’s message is so good I wanted to share it here. Do thank those special people for all the little bits and pieces that make you you.

Did You Make That?

Here I am with my mother, outside a rather wonderful Derbyshire pub, The Devonshire Arms at Pilsley. Great for lunch – just get there early!

In recent years, my mother has discovered the delights of the Women’s Institute. She told me that with the WI she’d made a teapot cosy. She suggested it was a tad, ahem, exuberant. But nothing prepared me for the joyful woollie eccentricity that awaited me!

I mean, there are tea pot cosies – and there are tea pot cosies! I love all the detail that’s gone into this. (It reminds me of the Knitted Olympics.)

The judges at our local fair were more circumspect…

The overall effect is less than the sum of its parts…

How very dare you! I think this is why I feel slightly uncomfortable around creative arts being turned into a competition. Is there any right or wrong? Not…

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Just a check list

Sorry for the boringness, (boringness, anything is possible) of this post. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with the numbers of items I’ve been doing lately so I’m making a list as a genuine record/diary.

6 tablecloths for church ladies group
6 plus another 6 gift card pouches

2 embroidered lavender potpourri bags

Finished the embroidery section for a fabric quilted carry bag
Quilted the fabric for a carry bag for grand daughter no 3
Hemmed jeans for The Boy
1 Bedding Protector

It doesn’t seem so much now but it has kept me busy in a happy sort of way, no stress just pure relaxation.

Next up is 2 more bedding protectors for a customer. Finish the quilted carry bags. Make a winter style NL5615 My undiagnosed pain in my feet & wrists is still a problem but I am feeling a bit more settled because the specialist Dr is trying everything he can think of. I feel we have moved forward in this journey.

Hope you’re all keeping busy & happy


Our Big Help

I haven’t been about much due to a chronic, yet undiagnosed health complaint. My hubby also has rheumatoid arthritis which means we don’t get much social or relaxation time lately. Our boy who is 13 has been taking on more and more jobs around the home. Yesterday we did something special to show him our sincere thanks and I want to tell the whole world how great he is.


A couple of my goals this year were to teach The Boy how to sort and wash clothes, and cook some more. It’s been working well! He’s also become proficient at a mountain of other odd jobs. It is just so, so, so wonderful to have a kid not complain about doing chores.

Well done Chum.

This is what I’ve been doing when I can’t do much else. I Absolutely. Cannot. Sit. Still.


Psst, look at these

I stumbled across a fantastic web page and found this tutorial.


Yesterday I cut out 9, I tend to do that if it’s a really great idea. I finished one fully last night and several tonight. I’ve just got 3 for tomorrow. I love them, so cute and fine.

Perfect for gift cards or any small gift. Afterwards they could be used for a single bank ATM card on a key ring or for when you are racing into the shops with just your phone and a card, store business cards; And of course a keepsake.


Sorry about photo quality; I had to take these at night on the iPad so I could give them away next morning.


Excited to share that my ‘next’ went on to become 6 more pouches which I filled with chocolates. I had loads of trouble sewing the hair elastics in so I hand basted and then sewed them with a ball point needle. They went in easy as…


Money Monday – Soap

Money Monday, saving money one Monday at time…

Do you sometimes think the kids must eat the bath soap? Lately our soaps have been going from this to this, at lightning speed; Way too fast!

It got me thinking…

What’s going on here, once our soaps would last for ages and ages now we’re lucky if one stays with us for 2 weeks???

A couple of days later, I remembered a lesson learned, a life time ago from a lovely lady, one of those special other Mother’s we all have. I remember her often, she was very dear…And I remember many lessons learned.

Get on topic girl; I remembered that lovely lady had soap everywhere: drawers, wardrobes, kitchen and linen cupboards, broom cupboard, under mattresses and of course the bathroom and laundry. One day it got the better of me and I just had to ask. The answer was so good I should never have forgotten! Purchase soap 2-3 yrs. ahead so it has plenty of time to harden then it will last longer. And it really did! So then, soap was something I never ran out of, until lately, ‘GFC’ hit our home too. Food prices going up and up along with everything else.

This week I got back on track, I bought a truckload of soap, well a trolley-load, okay, okay several boxes; To give my stash a boost I filled both racks in the oven with new soap, turned the oven onto the lowest setting and left them sitting there for a good while, (like 2 hrs). I turned the oven off and left them there some more. Well ’til the next day actually, because I forgot them!

(Please be careful with the oven, & be sure to check the oven is off when finished).

So there you have it, go get a soap stash.

Clever Blonde, Donna G

It worked, the soap lasted a month and a couple of days, twice as long as previously. Time to add to my stash.

7 months on: Now our soaps are lasting closer to 2 months. This is an awesome simple money saving tip.

Sew Much To Do

Wow there is just sew much to do! I’m finding it tough to make some decisions. So many new things to dive right into but a small quiet voice in my head keeps reminding me of the UFO’s! (UnFinished Objects). I’ve been strong, I haven’t actually started anything new, although I have bought a pattern. Or two. My fabric stash keeps looking at me and begging me to come near! Thoughts of the warm fuzzy feeling I’d have if I were to finish some of those UFO’s fills my mind, so I’ve decided to make a list and conquer.

Top of the list has to be:

Charlotte’s 1st Birthday Quilt, her birthday was last week, our daughter keeps telling me “Charlotte won’t know.” But I know.

And I have the pattern from Crafty Gemini’s Alphabet Flash Cards to make. I ‘ve made one set and they turned out fantastic so I’m pretty keen to repeat. When you’re on a good thing stick to it, someone used to say.

Then there is:

My frog quilt, it looked so dull and drab in the photo’s I’m really struggling to get excited about this one. It does look good in reality but I’ve never quilted a quilt that big so it’s a bit daunting, well actually it’s A LOT daunting. It’s been on my mind while I sleep. Does that happen to any one else. I am genuinely stalling on this one. Let’s face it I have a dozen or more reasons… Somewhere from within the deep depths of who I am, is a stubborn never say die gal rising up and I know I must finish this quilt not for the quilt sake but mine. I’ve ordered a walking foot. That’s progress?

All my Crafty Gemini Quilt Along blocks are waiting patiently to be completed. I’ve stalled at the sashing stage. I’m torn between the frog quilt and this one – which to FINISH first? I suspect I will have to re-make a couple of blocks because they are too small but I haven’t been game to check. I have some crazy notion that it’s better to suspect than to measure and know for sure??? Go figure!
Next up: I haven’t actually started yet but I will be needing a very special dress in the next few months. I have designed (in my mind) a one of a kind. I guess I have started. I’ve been planning, looking a pictures and patterns. I now know what I want so it’s time to draft a pattern. Something new for me, kinda, I used to make up patterns for my daughter when she was small and have copied many a pattern from an old favorite piece of clothing but to start from scratch this is going to be something new. This is definitely not a stalling one, I’m actually excited about this one.It’s winter here and I have a stack of fabric, bought to make some winter baby rugs to sell. I have 2 crocheted ones and another on the go. I know I have to do these soon or I won’t be able to sell them until NEXT YEAR. Love love looove this pattern..


Wow is that really all that’s been weighing me down? It seems so little….Do you have UFO’s? Do they weigh you down sometimes? Do you have ‘MUST FINISH’ UFO seasons? Please tell me I’m not alone.

Hope you’re having a great week.