My Space Saving, Cutting Table

Hi ya,

Gorgeous warm, sunny day here in North Queensland and we’re right in the middle of a great week.

I read a while back on Karen’s Blog over at didyoumakethat that she cuts out on the floor. Not an option for me due to aged skinny bony knees and stiff joints but it got me thinking. I had previously cut on the dining table but it has its drawbacks, getting around it is hard and our table often has piles of stuff there waiting to go home. It’s our dumping place!

Any how hubby got me a piece of ply 92 x 100 cm which I started to use on the table as it was wider than the table. He sanded one side for me so that it didn’t catch on the fabric and pull threads. I recently thought to try putting it on the ironing board as a better option. I can adjust the height, full height is perfect for working also I can plant it right it the middle of the room and walk all around it. It’s super. When not in use I store the ply wood behind a cupboard in the spare/sewing/computer room. It is only a few mm thick so takes little room. I do need use care when I place heavy items but it’s not been a problem so far.

My home made temp space saving cutting table

Now I just gotta get/make one of those wrist pin cushions, I know it will also make life easier.

Hope you are having a good week.


Finished Object Quilt

hi all,

Yep you read right, I have a FO. yep, yep yep. I’m just a little happy…

It went together without a hitch, except for the 8 hrs I spent wasted unpicking a fancy stitch I tried which looked tacky when finished.  I will never use that stitch again, ever.

3 Owls

Quilt for my grand daughter

Now I’ve got to face that frog quilt but I just couldn’t do it – yet, so I’m sewing up a new blouse.

Hope you’re having a great weekend.

Baby Quilt Progress

Yes that’s right PROGRESS!

Hope you are having a good week. Mine has been littered with difficult days but I actually got some sewing done.

Be seeing you in a few days with a finished Quilt, hopefully. For Sure!

Too few doings

ha, haven’t been doing much this week. Working on a 9 square block patchwork quilt with frog applique in some squares. It’s for meh boy. It’s at the boring stage… Will post photo soon.

ANZAC day here tomorrow, important day for Australians to remember and honour our soldiers.

hope you have a great wk.

Just had to share this gorgeous baby quilt made by a new blogging friend of mine. I love it.

Home and Heart...

I just returned from my trip to TN. to visit my parents and had a really nice time. You are probably not going to believe this but, I took my sewing machine on the airplane. You know your addicted when you bring along a sewing machine on an airplane. I’m sure though I am not the only one who has done this. Anyway, I did finish the baby rag quilt and I love how it turned out. This is my first rag quilt that I  have made and I really enjoyed making it. Here are a few pictures of the completed quilt. See ya next time, Sharon

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