what have I been up to???

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to stop by and say Hi. I know I’ve not been about much lately, sorry. My health slows me down at times – something my hubby thinks I probably needed. Yesterday I looked back at what my life involved 6 months ago and felt tired! lol

So I have sewed just ever so slowly. I’m making a Messenger Bag in slow motion. The front flap took me 4 days but still at least I am able to do something. Now there’s a funny story: I was sharing at Bible study that my right wrist and hand has been so painful that I couldn’t do anything and shared my worry about the ironing and washing. One fellow asked if I could you learn to use my left hand? To which I replied “Well I guess I could if I had to but it’s so hard”. Haha I remembered when I arrived home that said man had lost the use of his hand in a vehicle accident and has learned to do everything with one hand. He’s a good sport and it’s kept me laughing at myself all week.

So a few weeks ago I made these gorgeous bedding protectors which have super absorbent fabric inside. They minimize the washing and bed making for bed wetters. Just take the one item of the bed, wash and put a fresh one on. These were for a customer.

easy wash bedding protector

Enjoy your weekend.

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